As the layout was built to represent Gadsden in the 1940s and 1950s, may of the buildings were scratchbuilt by original members of the club. The pictures on this page present many of these original models.
A major industry, still in operation, is the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Plant. It is located in East Gadsden, across the Coosa River Bridge from downtown Gadsden. The model represents ascaled-down version of the building's original configuration.
Another of the major industries in Gadsden was the Dwight Mills factory. This was located slightly northwest of downtown Gadsden near the base of Lookout Mountain. This view shows a view of the main building. The office building is the ivy covered structure just to the left of this building and it is pictured below:

Gadsden's Railroad Stations

The L&N Station was the largest one serving Gadsden. The L&N had a "circle" route starting in Calera, AL (south of Birmingham) running north through Birmingham eventually arriving in Gadsden. From Gadsden the tracks turned south through Anniston and eventually returning to Calera from the east. The L&N ran a passenger train each was, one up the western leg through Birmingham and another up the eastern leg through Anniston. The two trains met near Gadsden.
The N.C. & St. L. also had a small station in Gadsden represented by this model.
The L&N Swing Bridge crossed the Coosa River just east of downtown Gadsden. Downtown is on the right in this scene while the Goodyear plant is on the left.

Downtown Gadsden Structures

The old Etowah County Courthouse on Broad Street
The old Municipal Building on North 5th Street
The Etowah County Jail
The Main Library Building
The Terminal Hotel
Downtown Church
The Power Plant (behind the Goodyear Plant)
The Foundry Building on Locust Street (still in existence)

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